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Call for film festival volunteers!

The 2nd Chinese Film Festival Hamburg invites passionate volunteers like you to play a pivotal role in our upcoming festival, tentatively scheduled from May 9th to 12th, 2024.

Volunteer 1

Immerse yourself in a five-day cinematic journey and make a significant impact on an enchanting event. Here’s what we offer:

Valuable work experience, networking opportunities, an immersive festival experience, and our heartfelt appreciation.
A volunteer badge for access to screenings, panel talks, and other related events during the festival.
An official acknowledgment of your volunteer contribution upon request.

To join our team and stay updated on opportunities, email us at Please including your contact details, a brief introduction, and the roles you’re keen on.

Volunteer 2

Here’s an overview of possible job assignments :)


At one of our primary screening venues, B-Movie Cinema, assist with ticket sales and provide program insights and advice to visitors.

Cinema Support

Welcome guests, manage ticket controls, guide seating, and help ready the theater for successive screenings. During peak periods, assist at the B-Movie Cinema bar. A warm, hospitable attitude is essential.

Film Screening Host

Introduce films, interact with the audience, and facilitate Q&A sessions, either in-person or online. Fluent English and strong communication skills are mandatory.

Technical Support

Set up and dismantle festival tech, including computers, ZOOM Meetings, sound systems, and more. Ensure online post-screening Q&A sessions are primed before screening. Transport film prints (DCP or digital files) to screening locations to ensure flawless playback. And provide online Q&A related technical support to the cinema staff prior and during to the screening.


A versatile role where you support team members across various tasks, which you’ll learn about at the start of your shift. Duties span from those listed in the above-mentioned roles.


Document the festival’s essence, capturing moments from opening ceremonies, venue ambience, Q&As, and other events.

Financial Management

  • Expense Recording: Track all festival expenses, including venue and equipment rentals, marketing materials, etc.
  • Financial Records: Organize all receipts and invoices for accurate record-keeping.
  • Report Preparation: Craft income and expenditure summaries to update the organizing team on financial standings.
  • Communication: Engage with sponsors, partners, and vendors for prompt payment processing.
  • Fundraising: Support fundraising endeavors and secure sponsorships.
  • Budget Control: Oversee the festival’s budget and suggest potential financial enhancements.